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We are proud to have been featured in a number of news stories and reviews, and been recognized by many other Web sites and indexes.

Dummies Daily

Featured in the Dummies Daily newsletter on November 5, 1998

"In one quick visit, you can read the day's Positive Saying (or have it sent to you via e-mail) and peruse the Positive Press for feel-good news stories. If you have more time, you can jump to the Positive Net for encouraging essays, stories, books, and more .... You'll find one or two reasons to be happy every day."

Online Educator

Chosen as a Weekly Online Educator Super Site for August 24, 1998

"POSITIVE PRESS is dedicated to bringing good news to its audience everyday. Share positive news stories with your students or just enjoy the daily positive saying which can be e-mailed to you -- free. Inspire your students and give them hope about the world they are living in!"

USA Today

USA Today Hot Site for Tuesday, June 16, 1998

"Sometimes the day gets off on a negative note. Turn it around, with the help of the aptly named Positive Sayings of the Day."


KOMO ABC 4 HotLink for April 29, 1998
Mentioned during ABC affiliate KOMO TV News

"Positive Thoughts: Want to start your day on a positive note? This website has what you're looking for, a positive thought for every day of the year."

E&P Interactive

The Positive Press was the News Site of the Week for January 23, 1998 at Media Info's Editor and Publisher Web site. They offered a flattering and long review .

Good Vs Evil , which features Positive Press, was selected on the week of February 15, 1998 as one of the 251 top sites on the Internet by Elseviers News Weekly, the largest news weekly in the Netherlands, and part of the large Reed Elseviers European conglomerate. (Their review is in Dutch.)

September 17, 1997. News site of the week on WebTrips Network, for contributing to a better sense of community on the Web.

Popular Science Magazine

July 1997
"The Positive Press: All the good news that's fit to print."

Electronic Telegraph
July 29, 1997

All news is good news

"The next time you're feeling low, turn to the World Wide Web, or more specifically the Positive Press site, for a quick pick-me-up. Now one year old, Positive Press is the leading online source of upbeat news and inspiration, and is guaranteed advertising-free to make sure you're not depressed by people selling you things you don't want and can't afford.

"Feel-good information and conversation abound on the site, and the inspirational Positive Saying of the Day will make the site a regular fix for anyone prone to feel down in the mouth. If you don't have time to visit every day, you can sign up for a daily email dose of good news."

Men's Health
August 1997

If you're convinced the world is going to hell, surf this site. With stories culled from a number of news sources, this site reflects only the happiest of happenings around the globe. Also featured: an interactive bulletin board, "positive book" reviews and, yes, even an inspirational thought of the day.

Yahoo! Internet Life
April 25, 1997

And Now for the Good News
John Groom has given the phrase a new twist with his Positive Press Web site

September 26, 1996

One Place Where Everything Turns Out All Right
Call it www.feelgood.news

September 27, 1996

Web Site Spreads the "Good News"

Yahoo! Pick of the Week
July 22, 1996

"We're pleased to tell you that no news is good news. No wait. We're pleased to tell you that it's sometimes good to get the news. Wait, that's still not right. We're pleased to tell you that no good news is bad. Ah, forget it: what we mean is, try Positive Press, which 'was founded to counteract the tendency of the mainstream media to focus on the negative.' Sponsored by The Athens Institute, the motto at Positive Press is 'Good News Every Day'; and that is exactly what you'll get here, culled from various online news sources. Also be sure to contemplate their thought of the day and send in your own good news."

Canadian National Radio
October 7, 1996

Positive Press publisher John Groom has been interviewed on many radio shows. Besides the "As It Happens" program on Canadian public radio, he has been featured on PRK in Norway and the largest independent radio station in South Africa.

CNN Headline News
October 21, 1996

As part of a feature about popular Internet sites, the Positive Press was featured on CNN's Headline News.

The IDG group, publisher of the "Windows for Dummies," and many other computer books, lists the Positive Press in their book "The World Wide Web for Kids and Parents" (1997) as one of four noteworthy news sites.

HotSheet web quick reference lists Positive Press as one of the best e-zines available.

Family Site of the Day, March 28, 1997. "Chosen by the editors at WorldVillage in honor and recognition of the web's finest family-friendly sites."

WebCrawler Select Positive Press has been deemed an "outstanding Web site" by WebCrawler Select.

"Are you one of those 'random acts of kindness' folks? If so, you'll eat this site up with a spoon. Positive Press offers "Good News Every Day" in a range of happy topics. Each headline is linked to the original story. We had to smile in spite of ourselves."

Information Week chose us as their "Web Site Of The Week" in the December 23, 1996 issue.

"If the stress of the holidays is finally catching up with you, here's a site that dispenses a little Christmas cheer:The Positive Press Web site carries only good news from all corners of the globe. The content isn't sentimental or syrupy, just true stories with a positive spin and a happy ending. There is also a place where you can send your own good wishes to the cybercommunity.

From The Chicago Sun Times "Connected" column, December 20, 1996:

"Cool and New Sites"

"There are good things happening all over the world during this holiday season. This Web site was created to promote stories of human goodness, perseverance and kindness. Share you own holiday wishes online with other Positive Net readers and read the postings of others. Look for the link to Positive Chicago, a Web site that has positive news from home."

The January, 1997 edition of Internet World features a story about Positive Press in their "Surfboard" section. In the feature entitled "Accentuating the Positive" they write:

"Tired of the TV news, with ongoing stories about murder, rape, war, crime, starvation, disaster, death, destruction... you get the idea? So were the people who created the Positive Press, a site of -- you guessed it -- only good news."

Positive Press was featured as the WebTV site of the day on December 2, 1996.

We received many new readers as a result of this selection by one of the most important companies involved in the dynamic field of integrating TV and the Web.

NetGuide's NetDaily "Holiday Sites"
November 27, 1996

From the Newsbytes News Network , December 11, 1996:

"Not Getting Enough Good News?"

"The Positive Press is a Web-based newsletter that features just good news. There are no wars, murders or robberies here. It offers links to 'Feel Good' stories from a variety of sources including USA Today, US News, and many other online newspapers and magazines. A new section has been added for the holiday season and you can also sign up to a good news by e-mail service."

The Doctors' Page chose Positive Press as its "Find of the Week" on February 27, 1997.

"A great alternative to the depressing side of things portrayed by the usual news sources. Starting one's day by reading about the preceding day's violence and depravity never has seemed very healthy to me. This site, on the other hand, is a reminder that Good Happens!"

On January 31, 1997, Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic chose us as the Kool Site of the Week. Kool Site Award

"See what the good news is for the day. Actually the good news everyday is that there is no bad news! Read news stories on heroic people, medical and technological breakthroughs, and lots more of happy headlines gathered from several online resources."

PRN Radio Network's Award of Excellence -- reviewed 8/2/96

The Spider's Pick of the Day for July 28, 1996.

The Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library

"Congratulations! The Positive Press has been included in the Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library. Each site included in this database has been selected and reviewed by an Education First Fellow. Your inclusion in the database is an honor reserved for the best instructional lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools on the Web."

Freedom Homepage of the Week for August 4-10

NBNSoft Award
November 30, 1996:

"Your site has been chosen as a truly outstanding source of content, and thus is being featured on the latest NBNSOFT Content Awards Page ."

"We've created a permanent link to your excellent site in our Town Services section in Cybertown."

Hot Site of the Day
for July 28, 1996

"Congratulations! You have been chosen as an Internet Top 10 Web site and will be featured in our weekly Chartshow on November 1, 1996."