Positive Press Advertising Program

Note from a Satisfied Customer!

Wanted to let you know that advertising in Positive Sayings brought us our largest day ever in site traffic -- exceeding previous record by over 25%!! Next time I will buy more ads so that my per run cost is lower. Thanks for delivering your wonderful audience!

Vic Johnson

Positive Press is a great place to reach upbeat, positive consumers. By associating your company or product with Positive Press you will benefit from our efforts to build user loyalty during the past 6 years, and from the extensive media publicity we have received from organizations like CNN Headline News, Reuters, NPR, Canadian National Radio, USA TODAY, the Boston Globe, Yahoo, and many others.

Our email newsletters are especially effective, and are distinguished from other newsletters by lack of clutter: most of our emails carry no advertising at all, and they never carry more than one advertisement. This makes them much more effective than newsletters that always carry multiple ads, thus encouraging their readers to skip over the ads.

Also, our ads run ABOVE the content - this is critical to drawing reader attention.

Our advertising program is specifically designed for small businesses; we even accept credit cards for payment.

The Positive Package is centered on our two opt-in mailing lists: Positive Quote of the Day and Positive News:

Positive Sayings (five days a week) - 64,967 subscribers (July 25, 2006)
Positive News (variable schedule ) - 23,423 subscribers (July 25, 2006)

All advertising fees must be paid in advance, by credit card or check:

For demographic information for the Positive Sayings list, please visit this page:

For demographic information for the Positive News list, please visit this page:

In order to maintain the spirit of the Positive Press community, we reserve the right to edit advertising copy and to reject ads for certain types of products, including any product which promotes the use of unsolicited bulk email.

For more information contact John Groom at jgroom@attitudemedia.com or call 703-875-8777.