Positive essays

Excerpts from "The State of Humanity"
edited by Julian L. Simon

While these excerpts aren't quite light reading, the chapters highlighted are from a great, solidly documented reference book. It's perfect for making convincing arguments in favor of a positive world view.

Dangerous Minds Open Hearts
by Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

After five successful years writing and producing the popular TV series "Northern Exposure," Diane Folov and Andrew Schneider were realistic and reluctant when pressed to work on the television series "Dangerous Minds" based on the acclaimed film version. But when ABC picked up the series, and as their research began, their perspective changed quickly. "We learned that the popular media generally present an unfairly bleak picture of adolescent urban life." Read about the uplifting impact this series has had on the writers and all involved in creating the television series.

Positive Essays with a Historical Perspective
(from Positive Press)

It's easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for. A little historical perspective can help us remember. These essays examine historical trends in a wide variety of different subjects. The results: almost always positive. If you'd like to count your  blessings, try browsing the Historical Perspectives at Positive Press.

The Best Within Us
(by David Kelley, Executive Director, Institute for Objectivist Studies)

What is most important, achievement, virtue, pleasure, or prestige? How do these values relate to each other? "The Best Within Us" offers an interesting perspective on these questions.

This essay if produced by the Institute For Objectivist Studies, an organization which studies and analyzes the work of novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand. Whether or not you admire the work of Rand, the following essay is an important analysis of the central value of productive achievement in people's lives.

Excerpts from Success, Your Dream and You
(by Patricia Raskin)

"Too few how to succeed books understand how to integrate deeper values. 'Success, Your Dream and You' shows how to make who you really are your greatest asset." -- Gifford Pinchot, author of "Intrapreneuring." Read the introduction to this book right here at Positive Net!